New Life Kingman
10-24-21 Sunday Reaching The Lost Pastor John Pool
10-20-21 Wednesday Divine Healing PT. 3 Pastor John Pool
10-17-21 Sunday That‘s Really Strange Pastor John Pool
10-13-21 Wednesday Divine Healing PT.2 Pastor John Pool
10-10-21 Sunday Revival Pastor John Pool
10-6-21 Wednesday Divine Healing PT. 1 Pastor John Pool
10-3-21 Sunday What Are You Building On Pastor John Pool
9-26-21 Sunday Is The Gospel Really Good News Pastor Alex Wilson
9-22-21 Wednesday Voyage Through Revelation PT. 4 Tom Frank
9-19-21 Sunday Under The Surface Pastor John Pool
9-15-21 Wednesday Voyage Through Revelation PT.3 Tom Frank
9-12-21 Sunday A Lesson From Nehemiah Pastor John Pool
9-8-21 Wednesday Voyage Through Revelation PT. 2 Tom Frank
9-5-21Sunday Forever Changed Kathy Pool
9-1-21 Wednesday Voyage Through Revelation PT. 1Teacher Tom Frank
8-29-21 Sunday The Power of a Transformed Life PastorJohn Pool
8-25-21 Wednesday Grace PT. 3 Pastor Alex Wilson
8-22-21 Sunday Designed To Serve Pastor John Pool
8-18-21 Wednesday Grace PT. 2 Pastor Alex Wilson
8-15-21 Sunday Pressing Into God Pastor John Pool
8-11-21Wednesday Grace PT.1 Pastor Alex Wilson
8-8-21 Sunday Unafraid Pastor John Pool
8-4-21 Wednesday The Holy Spirit PT. 6, Pastor John Pool
8-1-21 Sunday Communion Pastor Alex Wilson
7-28-21Wednesday The Holy Spirit PT. 5 Pastor John Pool
7-25-21 Sunday Drawing Near To God Pastor John Pool
7-21-21 Wednesday The Holy Spirit PT.4 Pastor John Pool
7-18-21 Sunday There’s A Lizard In The Prayer Room Pastor John Pool
7-14-21 Wednesday The Holy Spirit PT. 3 Pastor John Pool
7-11-21 Sunday Samaritan Aviation Mark Palm
7-7-21 Wednesday The Holy Spirit PT.2 Pastor John Pool
7-4-21 Sunday Freedom Service Pastor John Pool
6-30-21 Wednesday The Holy Spirit PT.1 PastorJohn Pool
6-27-21 Sunday The Christian Lifestyle Pastor John Pool
6-16-21 Wednesday Beautiful Scars Pastor Rosemary Adams
6-20-21 Sunday Men That Make a Difference Pastor John Pool
6-13-21 Sunday Guest Speaker Pastor Greg Johnson
6-9-21 Wednesday Time Pastor Harry Hills
6-6-21 Sunday Deposit of Grace PT.2 Pastor Alex Wilson
6-2-21Wednesday Deposit of Grace Pastor Alex Wilson
5-30-21 Sunday The Power of God PT. 2 PastorJohn Pool
5-26-21 Wednesday You Are Not Your Own Pastor Harry Hills
5-23-21 Sunday The Power Of God Pastor John Pool
5-19-21 Wednesday Signs and Wonders Pastor Alex Wilson
5-16-21 Sunday Running Into Our Future PastorJohn Pool
5-12-21 Wednesday Who’s With You Pastor Andrew Pool
4-09-21 Sunday Godly Mothers Pastor John Pool
4-05-21 Wednesday What Shall We Say To These Things Pastor Alex Wilson
5-3-21 Sunday Follow Me PT. 4 Pastor John Pool
4-28-21 Wednesday Jehovah Rapha Pastor Alex Chadsey
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