New Life Kingman
11-27-22 Sunday Guest Speaker Pastor Greg Johnson
11-20-22 Sunday Thanksgiving Pastor Alex Wilson
11-16-22 Wednesday Love Pastor Alex Chadsey
11-13-22 Sunday Walking In The Supernatural Pastor John Pool
11-9-22 Wednesday Faith Pastor Alex Chadsey
11-6-22 Sunday Why Pastor John Pool
11-2-22 Wednesday Hope Pastor Alex Chadsey
10-30-22 Sunday A Very Present Help Pastor John Pool
10-23-22 Sunday Help My Unbelief Pastor John Pool
10-16-22 Sunday The Disciplined Mind PT.3 Pastor John Pool
10-12-22 Wednesday Time Pastor Harry Hills
10-10-22 Sunday The Disciplined Mind PT.2 Pastor John Pool
10-5-22 Wednesday Difficult Circumstances Pastor Harry Hills
10-2-22 Sunday Pastor John Pool A Disciplined Mind
9-21-22 Wednesday Eternity PT.3 Pastor Alex Wilson
9-18-22 Sunday Offense-It’s a Trap Pastor John Pool
9-14-22 Wednesday Eternity PT. 2 Pastor Alex Wilson
9-12-22 Sunday Created for Community Pastor John Pool
9-7-22 Wednesday Eternity PT.1 Pastor Alex Wilson
9-4-22 Sunday Knowing and Believing God’s Love Pastor Alex Wilson
8-28-22 Sunday Faith In God’s Lead Pastor John Pool
8-24-22 Wednesday Life Lessons 2.0 Life Requires Compassion Pastor Andrew Pool
8-21-22 Sunday Going Deeper With God Pastor John Pool
8-17-22 Wednesday Life Lessons 2.0 Promise Keeper Pastor Rosemary Adams
8-14-22 Sunday Shifting The Atmosphere Pastor John Pool
8-10-22 Wednesday Life Lessons 2.0 Sound Mind Pastor Alex Wilson
8-7-22 Sunday Time For Something New Pastor John Pool
8-3-22 Wednesday Life Lessons 2.0 Forgiveness Matters Pastor John Pool
7-31-22 Sunday Build Your Memorial Pastor Andrew Pool
7-27-22 Wednesday Blessing PT.3 Pastor Alex Wilson
7-13-22 Wednesday Blessing PT.2 Pastor Alex Wilson
7-10-22 Sunday Victory Pastor John Pool
7-6-22 Wednesday Blessing, PT.1 Pastor Alex Wilson
7-3-22 Sunday Freedom In Christ Pastor John Pool
6-26-22 Sunday How Is Your Heart: Parable of the Sower PT.4 Pastor John Pool
6-22-22 Wednesday Life Lessons PT.4 The Power of Words Pastor John Pool
6-19-22 Sunday How Is Your Heart, Parable of the Sower PT. 3 Pastor John Pool
6-15-22 Wednesday Life Lessons, Activation of Our Faith Pastor John Pool
6-12-22 Sunday How Is Your Heart: Parable of the Sower PT.2 Pastor John Pool
6-8-22 Wednesday Life Lessons The Golden Rule Pastor Rosemary Adams
6-5-22 Sunday The Parable of the Sower PT.1 Pastor John Pool
6-1-22 Wednesday Life Lessons PT.1 God With Us Pastor Alex Wilson
5-29-22 Sunday The Power of the Cross Pastor Alex Wilson
5-22-22 Sunday Prophecy Pastor Ron Simpkins
5-18-22 Wednesday Identity PT. 3 Pastor John Pool
5-15-22 Sunday In Spirit and Truth Kathy Pool
5-11-22 Wednesday Identity PT. 2 Pastor John Pool
5-8-22 Sunday Mother’s Day Pastor John Pool
5-4-22 Wednesday Identity PT. 1 Pastor John Pool
5-1-22 Sunday Pastor John Pool Are You Drifting?
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